Water meter is a testing tool that can be used to help to identify safe drinking water, whether at the source within a piped distribution system or within the home.

• This is a digital TDS, pH meter tester for testing the purity of water
• pH &TDS Meter is ultra-accurate, reliable, and easy to use
• 2 in 1 ergonomically designed tester meter ,this item can be used in water purifiers and filter ,drink quality monitoring, pools, aquariums
• This take-anywhere high-precision and high-sensitivity water testing device is easy to use with a new larger clear screen with easy-to-read digital display. Includes a protective case so you can carry with you and not lose!
• Fast and quick on the spot results for easy calibration of total dissolved solids (TDS), (pH)
• Suggested tool for household water, fresh water aquariums and aquaculture, ponds, livestock water and pools.
• This quick display can tell you whether the drinking water quality is pure or impure and displays the reading.
• This professional style TDS, pH pen is perfect for personal or commercial use.


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