biomimicry technology oximeter
  • POWER                             –   2*AAA battery.

  • POWER VOLTAGE           –   2.4~3.3V

  • STANDBY CURRENT       –   <40uA

  • WORK CURRENT              –   <50mAfbv

  • POWER ON                         –   Press white button one time, 0.5s Start

  • LOW POWER                      –   Auto shutdown at battery voltage <2.3V

  • NO FINGER                         –   Display “NO FINGER” and shutdown after 10s


  • Oxygen Saturation is the percentage of oxyhemoglobin (HbO2) that is combined with oxygen against all combinable hemoglobin(Hb).

  • The Oxygen saturation of arterial blood in a normal human body is 98%.

  • If the measured value of oxygen saturation islower then 94%, an insufficient supply of oxygen is considered.


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